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Parents & Grandparents

Dear Parents & Grandparents,

On behalf of many amazing children who are featured in our online portfolio, I’d like to introduce you to online inspiration that will delight the children in your life and create a sense of wonder in your own heart. Finally, there’s a safe place on the Internet where children can see how their peers relate to God.

Time and time again, I’ve been astounded at how much children like seeing what other kids have to say about God. Faith produces faith, and that’s especially true of children. Our online portfolio features hundreds of inspiring kids who are worthy of emulation. Children want role models, and we have them!

Great expense and effort have been expended around the world to create our online portfolio. There must be good reasons why the Kid TV Interviews on our website ran for 20 consecutive months on the No. 1-rated TV station in the Rio Grande Valley, ABC affiliate KRGV-TV. The children featured in these TV interviews have a winsome way of touching the hearts of all age groups.

Take a few minutes to discover for yourself why kids and families keep coming back to enjoy our online portfolio. Choose from more than 70 pieces of print-it-yourself art drawn by children to illustrate Bible verses. Let 11-year-old Hillary Welborn and 12-year-old Jesse Patete take you around the world in the Mission Explorers Video Series (original) and Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids (the sequel) to see how God is working among various people groups.

As you explore our website, you may notice a menu item called the Kids Color Me Bible. This free, printable storybook Bible is different because it features children’s art and writing. Besides a great Bible lesson, each chapter also includes a full page for children to draw their own art, as well as a coloring page. Its companion book is currently in progress, but you can access it here: Kids Color Me Bible Gospel of John.

I turned down an offer from a major Christian publisher in order to maintain the online publishing rights to the Kids Color Me Bible. It’s part of my ongoing commitment to develop new and interesting ways for kids to connect with God. Each chapter may be used as a classroom activity or assignment.

The Kids Talk About God Online Art Gallery contains children’s art from the Kids Talk About God gift book, which you may have seen in Hallmark stores. Kids can print art pieces drawn by children to illustrate Bible stories and verses. The high-quality PDF files of each piece may be printed and used to decorate a child’s room or as Bible memory cards.

Why do we do all this? Because it feels so good when we stop? No.

Our mission is to create forums for kids to share their faith. We make these inspirational expressions of faith available online without charge to children and families. This is possible through donations and/or purchases of our products.

Grace & peace,
Carey Kinsolving