Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids

Jesse’s missionary safari. Your kids’ next adventure.

What wild African animal did 12-year-old Jesse kiss on the lips? See what happened in this 2-minute trailer (below left).

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See what happened when Three Rivers Church in Georgia tested Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids with their children’s church. Video above.

In the long-awaited sequel, Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids, 12-year-old Jesse Patete picks up where Hillary left off in an all-new mission adventure! This unrehearsed documentary takes young Jesse out of suburban America and travels with him to the breathtaking East African country of Kenya. Your kids can join him as he explores the ministry work being done in Kenya and discovers the amazing African wildlife, landscapes, languages, culture, cuisine, customs and communities that this beautiful country has to offer. Your children will hear the clear gospel message and meet many inspiring mission workers. They won’t just learn about the work of missionaries, they’ll experience their world through the eyes of one of their own peers.

Benefits of Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids
Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids
Christian mission work Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids

These days, a lot of kids feel disconnected from Christian mission work. They don’t know exactly what it is that missionaries do, why it’s needed or how it relates to them. They grow up not having a heart for missions, not supporting missions and not participating in missions.

Children who experience this Mission will understand the gospel, own their faith and develop a heart for missions. They will learn that missionaries are so much more than the little prayer cards on the fridge. They will get excited about supporting missions and serving God, in spite of the barriers and challenges they may face. They will be inspired by what it looks like to truly love others.

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Christian mission work Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids

Benefits of Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids

Presents the gospel of Jesus Christ clearly and simply
Encourages kids to own their faith
Challenges kids to reach out and affect the world around them
Models what it's like when Christians love others
Teaches kids in a fun way about a whole different country far away
Shows Christians serving the Lord in spite of barriers and challenges
Provides fun ways to remember and internalize biblical truths
Strengthens the church's up-and-coming generation
Plants a seed for children to pray about how God will use them
Conveys the sense of excitement and adventure about serving God
Takes kids' perception of missionaries from the prayer card on the fridge to the compelling, multi-faceted, 3-D adventure of serving God on the mission field!
Helps implant a passion in kids' hearts to pray for, support and participate in missions
Benefits of Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids

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Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids
Benefits of Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids
Benefits of Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids