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Kathie in California

The music is great – good to listen to, easy to sing but not too simple that older kids will lose interest. I would love it if the music could be available to do live. But there are so many instruments and styles that are not easy for many of us that I think having the track is a good way to go. The sheet music is clean and easy to read. The script is great. I pray this will reach many people.

Lisa in North Carolina

The songs are AWESOME! My kids LOVE dancing to the music and want to play them over and over. 🙂 What a blessing to have a talented African musician assist in the project!

David in Kansas

This is incredible! I just listened to the whole thing, and the rhythms grabbed my attention immediately. It sounds done in an absolutely professional manner. You really hit the jackpot with Dominic. His skills — especially on those African percussion instruments — are incredible.

My favorite song was By Grace Alone. It is just beautiful, really beautiful.

The one part I did not like was the last part of Trust and Obey. The FIRST part was actually my favorite song until that point (of course, keep in mind I listened to the songs in order so I heard it before By Grace Alone, which had to take the prize!),and the words of Trust and Obey were the best of all the songs I think (very deep — and it hit home too), but the last part of the song felt a little repetitive. But I am just saying this because I am searching for something negative to say — and having a hard time!

The whole thing really is very well done, sounds thoroughly professional, and blew me away. The quality of the audio production itself was excellent too; it sounds well mixed, etc.

I read the script and director’s notes too. I watched the video clips and got somewhat of an idea of what the finished product will look like, but not being someone with experience in stage production, it was a little tough for me to visualize exactly how it will all look in the end. At some point, I assume you will have the video of the entirety of the actual musical, and I would love to see that. But if the script is as good as the music, I am sure it is excellent.

It’s good that you have such detailed director’s notes, like making sure that the child who plays the patient in scene 5 is not stealing the scene and keeping the scene serious. I guess you know from reading scripts all those years yourself, that this kind of stuff is critical to someone producing the musical. So it looks like you did an excellent job — very detail oriented — in providing the kind of guidance that will make someone actually want to produce this. The amount of work you put into thinking through all the details is obvious to anyone.

I hope many people all over the world decide to produce this.

Charlie in Texas

In my experience, it seems common that missionaries make their commitment to that ministry as children. A production like this is an excellent way to light that flame in many young hearts. Not only that, but the clear gospel will also be learned through this musical. I applaud the Kinsolvings for their creative labor of love. The instructions are so thorough a church could just take it and run with it. I am excited that this resource is available to influence children and adults to help fulfill the great commission and do it with a clear message.

Mallory in Texas (played Hillary in her school’s production)

Here is what I loved most about the Mission Explorers Africa Musical (MEAM), and how I can make an eternal impact on a person’s life. What I loved most was how I knew it was not for me, but for my Father, The Lord. I felt really comfortable up there, like I was supposed to be up there letting others know about Jesus Christ. My friend Drew Millorn (who played the role of Richard) invited his grandfather to the musical. Your production led him to Christ. My baby cousin, Brooklynn, pointed to my dad’s chest and said, “There He is! God is in your heart! Uncle Ben, you have been saved!” My dad told her that she was saved too. I think it’s amazing how God can work through children, and lead them to His Son. I am really grateful that I had the opportunity to be up on that stage, and praise God, and share the gospel through a talent that came from Jesus.

I think I can make an impact on someone’s life by using my talents, and showing others that they are not alone, and that God is with them. I believe EVERYBODY deserves a chance to get to experience God’s grace and salvation like we do. I think it is fascinating that some people are called by God, to go and make disciples by being a missionary. Thank you so much for coming to our musical!

Tana in Texas (daughter played Hillary in her school’s production)

We loved the musical and we loved watching Mallory’s excitement. She spent countless hours rehearsing, singing and talking about her role as Hillary. This was a huge accomplishment for her, and we were all so proud of her dedication to this musical. We really saw God’s light shine on her! What a blessing!

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