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Mission ExplorersJunior Producer Program

We think it’s important to affirm children not only in their performance in Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical, but also for their strategic role in helping to pay for production and marketing costs of the new, Africa missionary documentary. At least half of the ticket proceeds from the musical will help pay for producing and marketing¬†Mission Explorers Kenya. We know that every child has relatives and friends who will purchase tickets to see them perform. Therefore, we want to affirm all children who appear in the musical by awarding them with a Mission Explorers Junior Producer Certificate.

We will provide an official Junior Producer certificate that you can download, print and fill out for each child. Certificates could be presented, for example, at church the Sunday prior to the performance. This will not only affirm and encourage the kids, but also remind the grown-ups to get their tickets for the musical. A Christian school could do the certificate presentation perhaps at chapel or a whole-school assembly.

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