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Fundraising WithMission Explorers

The Musical can be used as a fundraiser!

Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical can be used as a fundraiser! It’s no secret that when children appear in a musical, their relatives and friends will come see them. Ticket sales and/or sponsor fees can generate revenue much more easily than selling candy and baked goods. Christian schools, churches and home school groups can earn up to 50 percent of ticket sales and sponsor fees.

The other half of the funds raised will be set aside for future video productions. Children performing in the musical may be eligible for roles in upcoming video projects. The producers will look at DVDs of the musical performances to select the children needed for these roles.

Organizations may find that the amount of money raised by doing this musical will be greater than all the candy, car washes and bake sales combined. This musical/fundraiser combines teamwork, training in the performing arts, spiritual growth, education about world missions and evangelism.

One of our goals is to raise funds for the missionaries featured in our mission videos. In the original Mission Explorers series, each missionary or mission organization in the series received 30 seconds to state its more urgent needs and the contact information for viewers who might want to donate to their work. This approach proved to be successful and will be employed again in future documentaries.

I call this leveraged giving. By helping to fund the future mission videos, you will help to make more people aware of the missionaries featured in these documentaries and thereby probably help increase their support.

Benefits for Performing Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical

Here are TEN distinct benefits for your Christian school or church:

Teamwork: children must work with their director and one another to produce the musical.
Training: children receive training in the performing arts.
Growth: teachable spiritual moments emerge from the script and songs.
Fundraising: ticket sales and sponsor fees can generate more funds for your organization than traditional fundraising methods.
Missions: Children learn about world missions and support missionaries by helping fund future mission videos. If the musical is not ticketed or sponsored, an offering can be taken at the end of the musical to help underwrite production costs of these documentaries that will feature the work of missionaries.
Opportunity: if there are casting needs for upcoming video projects, producers will look at DVDs of musical performances to search for the children for these roles.
Culture: children will learn about African culture.
Evangelism: children will be sharing the good news as they perform.
Goodwill: this musical should generate goodwill in your community.
Affordable: There is no upfront cost for materials to perform this musical. Churches and schools performing the musical may offer the musical for free or sell ticket and/or collect sponsor fees to raise funds for their projects and the underwriting of upcoming mission video projects. For those not selling tickets or collecting sponsor fees, an offering to help with documentary production expenses may be taken at the end of each performance.