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Kids Talk About God has created a children’s musical based on the true story of an 11-year-old girl who travels to Africa to begin her global journey reporting on the work of real missionaries. Because this musical focuses on Africa, we asked one of Africa’s top music arrangers and producers to record all eight songs in his Kenyan studio. The result is a genuine African sound that makes children want to dance and sing!

Music arranged/produced by Dominic Khaemba
at AgelessMuzik Studio, Nairobi, Kenya.
Introducing vocalist Makena Mathenge.

Now you can effectively teach children the real concept of missions–the true meaning of “Go therefore and make disciples.” Make it easy with Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical. This musical may be done as a simple, concert version or any variation up to a fully-staged, Broadway-style musical. We even provide links to videos of our suggested choreography.

With this 45-minute musical, parents, teachers or anyone who works with children can help them connect with Africans without ever leaving their church, school or home. This musical helps children experience the excitement of African missions while learning to share the gospel in their world.

This musical is based on the Africa segment of the Mission Explorers Video Series, which became a No. 1 seller for a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers. I believe it succeeded because children experienced mission fields through one of their peers. By performing this musical, one school produced the star of our next project, Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids. Like its predecessor, it also focused on the work of missionaries as shown through the eyes of a child, 12-year-old Jesse Patete. We discovered Jesse when we watched a video of his school performing this musical. 

Church leaders, Christian school teachers and home school parents can use this musical to challenge children to participate in carrying out the Great Commission. The process of rehearsing and acting out the story will help them internalize it and its timeless truths much more deeply.

Choose FREE or PAID by clicking one of the green buttons below. This does not obligate you to perform the musical. If you do decide to perform it, please let us know by submitting a license request HERE. 

Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical


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