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The Musical

Kids Talk About God has created a new children’s musical based on the true story of an 11-year-old girl who travels to Africa to begin her global journey reporting on the work of real missionaries. Because this musical focuses on Africa, we asked one of Africa’s top music arrangers and producers to record all eight songs in his Kenyan studio. The result is a genuine African sound that makes children want to dance and sing!

Now you can effectively teach children the real concept of missions–the true meaning of “Go therefore and make disciples.” Make it easy with Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical. This musical may be done as a simple, concert version or any variation up to a fully-staged, Broadway-style musical with suggested choreography that you can view on our website.

With this 45-minute musical, parents, teachers or anyone who works with children can help them connect with Africans without ever leaving their church, school or home. This musical helps children experience the excitement of African missions while learning to share the gospel in their world.

By clicking on the “Complete Musical” button to the right, you can preview the script, director’s notes, music and choreography. There are also buttons for reviewing graphics and publicity materials we provide to help you get the word out about your production of Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical. In addition to the demo versions of the songs that you will hear on this web page, please know that we have performance tracks (same as demo versions, but without voices) available for download.

Three Ways to Perform Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical

As already mentioned, this musical is based on the Africa segment of the Mission Explorers Video Series, which became a No. 1 seller for a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers. I believe it succeeded because children experienced mission fields through one of their peers. By performing this musical, your organization will help us with future project, such as Mission Explorers Kenya. Like its predecessor, it will also focus on the work of missionaries as shown through the eyes of a child.

Customer: Except for one amazing addition, this is just like any musical that you would purchase. The amazing addition is that for a limited time you will receive the original Mission Explorers Video Series on DVD with 13 downloadable lessons for free when you purchase Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical.

The purchase price for the entire 45-minute musical with eight songs is $95, which is the same price for the Mission Explorers Video Series on DVD with downloadable curriculum. Purchase the musical for $95, and we’ll send you the entire global, missionary curriculum for free. This is the same missionary curriculum that has been shown in thousands of churches to introduce children to the work of missionaries in Africa, India, Philippines, Fiji Islands and Bolivia.

I don’t know how long we’ll be making this offer. It’s available today because we want to kick start the musical. To purchase, click on the button to the right that reads “Purchase Musical” or click on the following title: Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical. You can purchase the musical and perform it with no further obligations as described below in the Partner and Angel options.

Partner Producer: We like our customers for the musical, but we love our partners! Partners not only share the vision to produce Mission Explorers Africa 2, but they join us in the effort to pay for the production while also raising funds for their own organizations, charities or projects. Partners sell tickets to their performances of Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical and/or collect sponsor fees. Partners may keep up to 50 percent of the proceeds. They send the rest to us to help underwrite future projects at

As a partner or angel, there is no upfront cost for performing Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical. Click on the “Request License” button on the right.

Angel Producer: Angels are special churches, schools and individuals who want to be a blessing. They realize it’s an expensive undertaking to shoot and produce quality video and create outstanding Christian content. Like partners, angel organizations sell tickets to their performances of Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical and/or collect sponsor fees. Angels donate 100 percent of the proceeds to help underwrite future projects at

One of our goals is to raise funds for the missionaries featured in Mission Explorers Kenya. In the original Mission Explorers series, each missionary or mission organization in the series received 30 seconds in which to state its most urgent needs and the contact information for viewers who might want to donate to their work. This approach proved to be successful and will be employed again in Mission Explorers Kenya.

I call this leveraged giving. By helping to fund the production of Mission Explorers Kenya, you will help to make more people aware of the missionaries featured in the documentary and thereby probably help increase their support.

As an angel or partner, there is no upfront cost for performing Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical. Click on the “Request License” button on the right.

Let’s Create Win-Win Scenarios Together

As a missionary with AMG International and an independent documentary producer, I’m always looking for scenarios where everyone wins in the advancement of God’s kingdom. Kids win because they learn about missionaries by performing in the musical and underwrite the cost of future projects at when relatives and friends purchase tickets to see them in the musical.

Church leaders, Christian school teachers and home school parents win when they use this musical to challenge children to participate in carrying out the Great Commission.

Let’s all win together by empowering kids to participate in the Great Commission!

Friends of Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical

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