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Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids: Curriculum Lessons

Printable Curriculum: Download Here (click a title and wait for PDF)

For Purchasers of Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids (aka Mission Explorers Kenya)

Thank you for ordering Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids!

This printable curriculum is for those who have purchased the Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids DVD set or downloadable video files. You may also preview any or all of the curriculum here.

If you have not yet purchased the Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids DVD set or downloads, please scroll down to do so.

After you have purchased the videos, please use the links on this page to download the printable curriculum. Be sure to get all five Appendix parts, as those contain materials that you may wish to use with various lessons.

BONUS: Lesson 7 actually contains FOUR lessons (7a, 7b, 7c, 7d).

Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids: Contents (video run times are approximate)

Video Part 1 (13 min.): Goes with Lesson 1
Video Part 2 (16 min.): Goes with Lesson 2
Video Part 3 (17 min.): Goes with Lesson 3
Video Part 4 (16 min.): Goes with Lesson 4
Video Part 5 (19 min.): Goes with Lesson 5
Video Part 6 (19 min.): Goes with Lesson 6
Video Part 7 (14 min.): Goes with Lessons 7a-7d
(NOTE: Part 7 contains FOUR curriculum lessons.)
Video Part 8 (14 min.): Goes with Lesson 8
Video Part 9 (17 min.): Goes with Lesson 9
Video Part 10 (16 min.): Goes with Lesson 10
Video Part 11 (21 min.): Goes with Lesson 11
Video Part 12 (20 min.): Goes with Lesson 12

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