Kids Talk About God

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Bless Listeners with our 30-Second Features or Boost Your Website Traffic & Revenue

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Hear real kids answer questions about God. Download any of the 45 you want to play on the air. Children’s answers are innocent, humorous and sometimes inspirational. Adult and child listeners will love this winsome feature. The tag at the end of each feature invites your listeners to visit the Kids Talk About God website for complimentary, Christian content that the whole family will enjoy.

Website Booster


Boost traffic to your website by tagging each KTAG Radio Feature with your website address as the place to find Christian kids talking, drawing and writing about God. Choose from one of our colorful logos to place on your website home page. You’ll receive untagged radio features with the recommended language to use in the tag that contains your website address.

We’ll create a free web page on our website that offers our content courtesy of your station. Our web technology allows us to wrap your message around our online content. When your webmaster links our logo on your website to the KTAG web page we’ve created for you, your listeners will receive an advertising impression about your station with every click on our site. Our referral button allows your listeners to send your KTAG web page to friends.

Revenue Producer


Increase station revenue by adding sponsors to your KTAG web page. As described in the previous section (Website Booster), we’ll create a KTAG web page that wraps your message about our content. The difference here is that the wrap-around message will also contain sponsor names and logos with a click-through for sponsor websites. A station may want to offer a package of KTAG Radio Features that mentions sponsors in KTAG Radio Feature tags and on the station’s KTAG web page. The promotion could also run without mentioning sponsor names on the air, but only on your station’s KTAG web page. You may want to produce a :60 spot by matching a KTAG :30 with a :30 paid/piggyback spot.  

Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach, we would rather receive proposals from each station manager or network as to what revenue sharing formula works best. Our chief goal at KTAG is to be a blessing to as many people as possible. Yes, we have production and operating expenses, but we believe that the Lord will continue to supply our needs as we make ourselves available to bless others.

To discuss a revenue sharing proposal, or to submit a proposal in writing, please use our contact form at the end of this web page.