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2009-10 Children's International Arts Festival Winner: Drew Sigler

At the age of 7, Drew won a week for his family at Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch in Parshall, Colorado.

WANE-TV did a news story on Drew’s big win! Wait until you see how he reacted when he found out he won a dude ranch vacation…

Drew and his winning essay
ARTICLE: The Post and Mail
The Post & Mail ran the article in both their print version and on their website.
ARTICLE: The Post and Mail website

Festival Question: How was doing the will of God like food to Jesus? (John 4:27-34)

Drew’s Winning Answer:
“If you eat healthy food, it gives you energy and makes you happy. So doing the will of God is like food to Jesus because it makes him so happy that he is teaching people how to go to Heaven and gives him energy to walk from town to town to tell more people about Him. You can do God’s will, too. Ask your mom to take you around the neighborhood to tell people about Christ and how to get to heaven. This will make you happy, just like eating macaroni and cheese!”

Festival Question: How are people like fields ready for harvesting? (John 4:35-38)

Drew’s Winning Answer:
“In my backyard we have wheat fields. When it turns gold, it is ready to have the tractor harvest it. Jesus said people are like fields ready to be harvested in John 4:35. People are more precious than gold. The wheat fields when they are gold make me think of how precious people are to God. There are thousands of plants in the field and there are thousands of people who are ready to hear about Jesus. If I tell people about Jesus and Heaven and Hell, maybe those people will tell more people.”



Columbia City Boy, 7, Writes to Ride: Wins Dude Ranch Family Vacation

Columbia City, Ind., April 8, 2010 – When Amy Sigler asked her son Drew, 7, if he remembered the writing project he did over his Christmas break, he said: “That was a lot of work. Please don’t make me do it this spring break.”

Little did Drew realize that his writing project for the Children’s International Arts Festival was about to pay big dividends. Today, Drew received a phone call from Jerry Helmicki, co-owner of the Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch in Parshall, Colorado ( When Helmicki told Drew he had won a dude ranch vacation for his family, he literally fell on the floor. When asked if he was excited in a phone call after reporters had left, Drew said, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!”

For one week this summer, Drew, his parents and sister will enjoy majestic vistas from horseback at 7,500 to 8,500 feet in a lush valley along the Colorado River near its headwaters about 100 winding miles northwest of Denver. “We’ve dreamed about going to the mountains of Colorado for a vacation,” said Amy Sigler.

Amy Sigler heard about the Children’s International Arts Festival by reading an article in Clubhouse Jr. magazine about a 2009 winner. The purpose of the online festival is to provide incentives for children to study the Bible. Festival founder and syndicated columnist Carey Kinsolving plans to publish Drew’s writing in his online book, Kids Color Me Bible Gospel of John. Twelve chapters of the book that features writing and art from previous years’ winners have already been published at

Drew Sigler is the second of seven dude ranch family vacation winners that Kinsolving plans to announce in coming weeks. His winning writing can be read at

The Children’s International Arts Festival is sponsored by and participating dude ranches. Festival organizer Carey Kinsolving writes a weekly Kids Talk About God column, distributed through Creators Syndicate, and has produced a series of popular TV spots for an ABC affiliate that can be seen on the Kids Talk About God website.


Drew at Bar Lazy J
Drew's Thank You