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Go Beyond Bible Coloring Pages

Why give your children Bible coloring pages with no Bible lessons? Why place this limit on their creativity, Bible learning and imagination? Give them a forum to express their own faith. The online Kids Color Me Bible goes beyond ordinary Bible coloring books, and it’s free!


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Bible Coloring Pages


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Bible Coloring Pages

Children retain what they learn much better when hands-on activities go along with that learning. Research has shown that people learn:

10% of what they READ
20% of what they HEAR
30% of what they SEE
50% of what they HEAR and READ
70% of what they SAY and,
90% of what they DO!

(Statistics from Arts, Crafts & Creativity In School Aged Childcare & Recreation, by Anna Reyner, MA, Registered Art Therapist)

If you’re a parent, grandparent or teacher, you’ve seen this in action. Just think of how much your children would learn from a Bible where they could see, read AND do! Here are some more gems from Ms Reyner’s article:

The act of making something new.

The art of combining things in a new way.

The potential for creativity – the act of making something new – lives in each of us. Most of us act less and less upon this potential with every passing year. Our own creativity becomes a memory – something we outgrew or lost along the way. If a child grows up believing in her own creative self, she will have a better chance of finding constructive outlets for creative energy in later years. The child’s creativity will not be just a memory; it will be a valuable personal resource… something to nourish and to use every day.

Left Brain – Right Brain

Art is a right-brain (creative, intuitive) activity. Combined with the left-brain (logical, organized) activity of reading and writing, it powerfully enhances the learning process. The Kids Color Me Bible applies this balance effectively. It goes way beyond ordinary Bible coloring pages!

Each printable chapter of the Kids Color Me Bible includes a bible story (in the Easy-To-Read Version of the Bible) illustrated by a child artist, a related question with answers from real kids, and a space for children to write their own answers to featured questions. After that, a kid-friendly commentary supplies real-life applications of the Bible story. THEN . . .

Bible Coloring Pages

. . . there is a newspaper-style page called the Heaven Herald, with a headline about the Bible story and a nice open space for children to draw their own art. The headline and the open space will be irresistible. Most children will have the urge to draw a picture in that space! If they just want to color, there is also a coloring page version of the illustration done by a child artist. We supply the book. You supply the crayons. Your child supplies the creativity.

Check out these Bible coloring pages with your child. The entire online Bible coloring book is free. No registration required.