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Here at, we are all about creating an environment where Christian children can express their faith through writing, artwork and speaking. We have spent many years curating inspirational content created by kids, and blessing our website visitors with it.
We continue to look for more! Periodically, we offer new opportunities for children to get involved in creating content for If you’d like to find out about these opportunities, subscribe to our eNews email updates.

Here are some examples of kids who got involved with

Kids from all over the United States entered the Children’s Bible Contest. Eleven-year-old Hillary Welborn won, so she got to go on a trip around the world visiting missionaries. Her adventure became the original Mission Explorers Video Series, which you can see now at!
Elementary students have entered our children’s arts festivals by answering Bible-related questions through writing and artwork. Dozens of children have won weeklong family vacations, some at dude ranches, others at beach resorts. Their writing and artwork are now featured in online books: Kids Color Me Bible Gospel of John, Kids Talk About the 23rd Psalm, and Kids Talk About Heaven, as well as the Kids Talk About God Art Gallery.
Some children participated in videotaped interviews about God and the Bible. Many of these became 30-second TV spots that were on the air for months, blessing many viewers. They continue to bless website visitors.
Several Christian schools performed Mission Explorers Africa: The Musical and sent us their videos. Through this, we discovered 12-year-old Jesse Patete, who was chosen for the lead role in Mission Explorers Kenya. He and his mom got to travel with the crew to Kenya to film this wild new mission adventure!

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