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A Message From Carey Kinsolving Founder of Kids Talk About God

Dear Educators,

On behalf of many amazing children who are featured in our online portfolio, I would like to welcome you to Kids Talk About God. We’re a Christian ministry dedicated to creating forums worldwide for children to express their faith and spirituality through art, writing and speaking. Allow me to give you some inside information on the wonderful K-6 educational materials available without charge right here on this website.

I have a deep appreciation for the awesome task of Christian educators. By teaching God’s truth to your students, you help them find spiritual meaning, purpose and passion for their lives. It is vital for children to study God’s Word and develop their own faith. “If people do not embrace Jesus Christ as their Savior before they reach their teenage years, the chance of their doing so at all is slim” (George Barna, Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions).

Devotional time is so very important in developing a grasp of the Bible and a growing personal relationship with the Lord. Many children do not have the benefit of a family who has devotions together. Our Bible Lessons can easily be used in your school for classroom devotions. These are accessible through our archive, or by requesting an email subscription. With the complimentary subscription, we e-mail you three devotionals each Friday for use the following week. This way, you’ll receive devotionals on seasonal subjects at the appropriate times.

Scripture memorization is another important emphasis for kids. The Kids Talk About God Online Art Gallery contains more than 70 pieces of art drawn by children to illustrate Bible stories and verses. Each picture with its Bible verse may easily be printed for use as a Scripture memory card. I believe seeing other children’s inspirational artwork will encourage your students.

Kids begin to own their faith when they share it with others, and it’s important to motivate them to learn to do this. Imagine if you could engage and empower child evangelists to the reach the hearts of adults by the simple ways in which they express Christ’s love!

Start by showing them some of our online Kid TV Interviews, featuring kids verbally expressing their faith by answering questions about God. These can be used in the classroom to spark discussions.

As you explore our website, you may notice a menu item called the Kids Color Me Bible. This free, printable storybook Bible is different because it features children’s art and writing. Besides a great Bible lesson, each chapter also includes a full page for children to draw their own art, as well as a coloring page. Its companion book is currently in progress, but you can access it here: Kids Color Me Bible Gospel of John.

I turned down an offer from a major Christian publisher in order to maintain the online publishing rights to the Kids Color Me Bible. It’s part of my ongoing commitment to develop new and interesting ways for kids to connect with God. Each chapter may be used as a classroom activity or assignment.

Students also need to learn about missions. Do you know when most American missionaries heard God’s call to the mission field? According to a study by Dr. Morris through the U.S. Center for World Missions, 85 percent heard God ’s call to a life of service on the mission field before the age of 13.

Imagine how incredible it would be if, instead of reading about missions and the courageous people who share the gospel in foreign countries, you could actually take your students on an amazing video journey spanning four continents to visit these far-away places! There, they would experience what it would be like to live among the Fiji islanders or to visit a remote village in the heart of Africa. As a Christian educator, you can take your students on such an extraordinary expedition – without ever leaving your classroom!

The Mission Explorers Video Series and the sequel, Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids, are designed to show missions through the eyes and experience of a child. Although these documentaries are great mission lessons by themselves, we also offer accompanying written curriculum. 

Our mission is to create forums for kids to share their faith. We make these inspirational expressions of faith available online without charge to children and families. This is possible through donations, sponsored web pages and partnerships with Christian schools, churches, non-profit organizations, families, businesses and professionals.

Grace & Peace,
Carey Kinsolving