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Why Is Forgiveness So Important?

“Because you’re 6 years old,” says Jessica, 6.

Whether 6 or 60, everyone needs forgiveness.

“I don’t know what that is, but my mom and dad do, says Trey, 6.

I’m glad for your mom and dad, Trey, but I hope by the end of this column, you’ll know, too.

“Forgiveness is important because everyone makes mistakes,” says Erike, 10. “If you didn’t forgive them, you wouldn’t have any friends.” Also, adds Adriane, 10, “If there was no forgiveness, the whole world would be mad.”

Adriane, I’m not sure whether you mean “mad” as in angry or “mad” as in cuckoo, but either fits. Holding on to a grudge will drive you bonkers.

“If you hit someone, you have to say ‘excuse me,'” says Brandon, 6. “If you hit someone in the stomach, you have to say ‘sorry.'”

Brandon, if someone hits you back, you may not get a chance to say “excuse me” or “sorry.”

“Forgiveness solves the whole problem, and you don’t get into a fight,” says Carson, 6. If you forgive, “you can keep friends and families,” says Justin, 10. “You can be happy, not grumpy.”

And who wants to be around Grumpy? Unless you’re playing a part in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” you’ll do everyone a great favor by being cheerful and forgiving.

A man once said that whenever his wife gets mad, she gets historical. A memory for past wrongs isn’t limited to one gender. Men do it, too.

“If Jesus had not forgiven us, we would not have the opportunity of eternal life,” says Mary, 11. “Jesus showed us forgiveness by dying and suffering on the cross. What can you do to show forgiveness?”

Christians should ask every day. Because our sins have been forgiven, we should be looking for ways to show forgiveness and grace to others. Jesus said he didn’t come into the world to condemn the world, and neither should we.

In Jesus’ day, Jewish tax collectors for Rome were considered cheats and traitors to Israel. Religious people were shocked when Jesus dined with them.

Jesus said the sick are the ones who need a physician. One of the “sick,” Matthew the tax collector, became well by receiving Jesus’ forgiveness. He then left a life of greed to follow Jesus as one of his 12 apostles.

“Forgiveness is important because if you don’t get forgiveness, you will be without love,” says Karoline, 9.

We must forgive “so we can become like God,” says Casey, 8.

Yes, be like God and forgive, or you’ll set yourself up as a god and crush people by judging and condemning them. You’ll also doom yourself to a life of solitary confinement because no one will want to come near you.

Let God be God by receiving his forgiveness and becoming a channel of forgiveness.

“Forgiveness pleases God, and I like to please God,” says Marcy, 6.

Think about this: Jesus gave his life for our forgiveness.

Memorize this truth: “Forgive each other because the Lord forgave you” (Colossians 3:13 ICB).

Ask this question: If we’ve received the Lord’s forgiveness to enter heaven, shouldn’t we forgive offenses against us on Earth?

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