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Why Did God Make Us?

Why Did God Make Us?

“God made us because he was tired of seeing dinosaurs on the world,” says Austin, age 7. “He didn’t like the dinosaurs,” adds Colton, 6. Are you guys saying we’re God’s Plan B? Think again.

“I think God created us because God thought we would be special, and it turns out we are special!” says Chelsea, 8. Now, we’re on the right track. Being created in God’s image is as special as it gets.

“I think God made us because he was bored of just sitting up in heaven looking down at nothing,” says Jordan, 10.

The Scriptures portray God as full and overflowing with life. We are the ones who succumb to boredom when we try to live apart from the One who is the source of life.

Describing those who trust in God, King David wrote: “They are abundantly satisfied with the fullness of your house, and you give them drink from the river of your pleasures” (Psalm 36:8).

Wait a minute. Isn’t God against pleasure?


“I think God made us because he wanted to see somebody playing and having fun,” says Sara, 8.

King David danced, leaped and shouted before the Ark of the Covenant as he brought it back to Jerusalem. When was the last time you saw people so filled with the Lord’s life that they danced, leaped and shouted before the Lord? Probably never. That’s why God called David a man after his own heart.

We try to squeeze a few drops of pleasure out of life while God waits with a river of pleasure for all who trust him. We settle for too little pleasure when we try to make ourselves the center of the universe.

“God has created all things for his own pleasure, but not in the sense of selfish gratification, but in the sense of purposeful and meaningful activity,” writes Bible scholar G.W. Bromiley.

God created us because “he wanted someone to play with,” says Sarah, 7, or “to talk and walk with him,” says Carri, 9.

After Adam and Eve sinned, they hid from God when they heard him “walking in the garden.” It appears that “walking and talking” were things God did regularly with Adam and Eve.

“God created us to rule the Earth,” says Katharyn, 9. “He also wanted us (or Adam) to name the animals. He needed us to take care of the fruit tree. He also wanted us to pray to Him and to be with Him.”

Some people associate work with the curse God placed on the ground after Adam and Eve sinned. Before Adam sinned, however, God told him to “tend and keep” the garden.

God intended for people created in his image to rule over the Earth in perfect harmony with his will (Genesis 1:26).

“God made us for his own glory,” says Cody, 7, or “to live in his glory,” concludes Ross, 11.

On the night before Jesus offered himself as a sacrifice for our sins, he offered a prayer regarding his Father’s glory “that they [that is, Jesus’ disciples] may be one just as we [Jesus speaking of himself and his Father] are one” (John 17:22).

Jesus revealed the eternal glory, oneness and love that he had always enjoyed with his Father. They, and those after them who entered into that eternal fellowship, would never be the same.

Point to ponder: God made us for his glory and pleasure.

Scripture to remember: “At your right hand are pleasures forevermore” (Psalm 16:11).

Question to consider: From what do you derive your purpose and pleasure?

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