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Who is a Disciple of Christ?

“People will know that I am a follower of Jesus if I get caught doing good deeds,” says Emma, 8.

Being caught for doing good deeds?

That isn’t the way it worked at the elementary school I attended. But that’s the policy instituted at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy where Emma attends. When students get caught for doing something good, teachers send them to the principal’s office. There they choose a prize from a treasure chest packed with all sorts of goodies.

The only thing I remember about visits to the principal’s office is the board. I treasured every instance in which I walked away from a visit without feeling the effects of that board when I sat down.

Anna, 7, says Jesus’ disciples will love people by “telling them about Jesus, giving stuff to poor people and making pictures for grandma, grandpa, sister, brother, mom and dad.”

Consider yourself blessed if a child draws a picture for you. Some of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received have been from young children who drew pictures for me at Kids Talk About God Arts Festivals. Whether the art is a masterpiece or simple stick figures, one thing remains consistent. Children’s faces always beam when they hand me their pictures.

Jesus had taught that the way up in his kingdom is the way down. That’s the direction Jesus went when he demonstrated how his disciples should love one another at the Last Supper. He started the evening by washing feet. Jesus performed a task normally reserved for servants.

At the Last Supper, the apostle Peter initially objected to the Lord washing his feet. Taking on the role of a servant is so contrary to the way we think, but it’s the way Jesus said people would know his disciples.

People will know you’re a disciple “by the way you act,” says Faith, 9. “It’s what’s inside. More like your attitude. If you have a bad attitude, people aren’t going to think about you being a Christian.”

You can’t fake it. “A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance,” says the Proverb (15:13). Every face needs grace. Even a beautiful or handsome face can appear ugly if the heart is agitated or depressed.

I was amazed one day when the owner of a health food store I frequented asked me why I was always smiling. I didn’t realize my joy was showing.

“I try to help people as much as I can,” says Abby, 9. “I try to help my mom with dinner. I will feed my birds, also. My mom usually fixes salad. I help.”

Enroll in God’s Discipleship University by being faithful in whatever he gives you today. God honors faithfulness in small things by promoting us to greater opportunities to demonstrate his love.

Think about this: Jesus demonstrated his love by offering his life as a sacrifice for the sins of the entire world. Jesus followed his Father’s will all the way to the cross so that we might receive eternal life by believing in him.

Memorize this truth: “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends” (John 15:13).

Ask this question: Would anyone accuse you of being a disciple of Christ?

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