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How Would the Angel Announce Jesus’ Birth Today?

When Jesus was born, an angel announced his birth to shepherds in the field. If Jesus were born today, to whom would the angel announce his birth and what would the angel say?

“I think the angel would tell Mrs. Higgy,” says Jordon, 9. “She is the children’s choir and song director. She is also the costume person for all the plays. I think the angel would say: ‘Mrs. Higgy tell all your friends and your husband that the King of the Jews, Jesus Christ is born.'”

If Jordon were calling the shots, Mrs. Higgy directing the choir would replace the shepherds in the field. Of course, the angel would probably have to sing his message to Mrs. Higgy.

“The angel would announce his birth to common people,” says Samuel, 10. “I think the angel would say the same thing except he would say, ‘You will find him in an abandoned building and lying in a cot.'”

Samuel has the right idea. Jesus was born in a humble place. At his birth, angels in heaven said, “Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth peace, goodwill toward men.” But that was the perspective from heaven. On earth, no one blew trumpets to announce Jesus’ birth to world leaders in important places.

Today, Maria, 12, says, “The angel might appear before homeless people because they are not rich, important people. The angel might say Jesus had been born in a shack, a tent or an apartment.”

God often works behind the scenes in humble circumstances to accomplish his purpose. Most people like to hang around the rich, but God loves to reveal his most precious spiritual gems to Earth’s poor. Quietly, the King of kings invaded Earth in the body of a baby.

If Jesus were born today, Carson, 6, says, “The angels would go door-to-door and tell each family: ‘Don’t be afraid. Come and see!'”

“Come and see” is exactly what the shepherds did, Carson, after receiving the angel’s message: “There is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

The angel’s words to the shepherds contained three titles that sum up who Jesus is and what he does for us: Savior, Christ and Lord. Some might think that “Christ” is the last name of Jesus. But it’s a title meaning “anointed one” or “Messiah.” The word “Lord” refers to Jesus’ deity, and “Savior” refers to what he did for us when he died in our place on the cross.

Why shepherds in a field? The Bible gives no explanation; however, God usually reveals things to those who hunger to know him.

But that’s not the greatest mystery. The birth of Jesus is the greatest mystery. God is infinite. How did the infinite enter something finite?

The apostle Paul wrote that Jesus “emptied himself” to take on the form of a servant (Philippians 2:5-8). His divine essence remained intact, but Jesus’ glory was veiled when he entered the world as a baby. Except for one brief unveiling of this glory to three disciples, Jesus wore that veil all the way to an ignoble cross.

How could someone so great hide his glory? The apostle Paul said Christ’s mind was the essence of humility. But there’s a difference between humility and humiliation.

“Humility is something that comes from within you voluntarily,” says writer Stephen Kaung. “Humiliation is something put upon you from the outside. If you are humble, you are beyond humiliation.”

Jesus’ birth is more than something we should celebrate once a year, writes Kaung. “His birth is something we need to meditate on every day.”

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