Kids Talk About God

What Does it Mean to Worship God? (Part 3)

“We all get so involved in our silly little lives that we have made for ourselves to where we don’t have the time to do anything for God,” says Travis, age 12. Worship is the way we see God’s larger purpose for us. A life of worship usually doesn’t make media headlines, but even the […]

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What Does it Mean to Worship God? (Part 2)

“Worshiping God to me means that I can have a connection with him. It’s like I can go to him and worship, and I can lift a heavy burden from my shoulders,” says Sarah, 11. God wants to lift our burdens, but he can’t as long as we’re tightly grasping them. Have you ever noticed […]

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What Does it Mean to Worship God? (Part 1)

“To worship God is paying attention to nobody else but God,” says Pruitt, 11. “If you don’t do it, it sort of messes you up. You can worship him anywhere.” “It sort of messes you up” is a great way to describe our preoccupation with ourselves. God wants to take us into a larger place […]

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