Kids Talk About God

Why Do People Argue Over Who Jesus Is (John 7:40-53)?

“Nothing is as frustrating as arguing with someone who knows what he’s talking about,” wrote Sam Ewing. The religious leaders of Jesus’ time constantly tried to trap Jesus with trick questions. They must have come away frustrated every time they talked with Jesus. Jesus came from the presence of his Father in heaven. The religious […]

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How Do We Know That Jesus Is The Son Of God (John 5:31-40)?

“God sent Jesus to Mary’s tummy on Christmas,” says Kassandra, 6. What a difference a couple of words can make. Instead of “to,” try “out of” Mary’s tummy on Christmas. “Mary had him, and he was glowing in the stable,” says Ella, 6. The angel that appeared to the shepherds in the field glowed because […]

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