Kids Talk About God

What is the Most Important Promise God Ever Made?

“God promised he would never flood the Earth again,” says Katie, age 7. “He put a rainbow in the sky. God told Joseph to build an ark. It was hard for Joseph, but he did it.” Katie, you left out the part about Joseph painting the ark many colors. Actually, it was Joseph’s coat that […]

Eternal Life Promises Promises of God Salvation

How Can You Be Sure You Will Live With Jesus Forever (John 5:24-30)?

“Jesus is on top of my ship. We are going to go to heaven,” says John, 5. Yes, Jesus is the captain of our salvation. Apart from him, we are ships in a storm headed for the rocks. A famous Spanish captain searched for the Fountain of Youth in Florida. Ponce de Leon never found […]

Assurance Belief Born Again Eternal Life Faith Gospel of John Series Salvation

What Can We Learn From Jesus Doing Only What He Saw His Father Doing (John 5:19-23)?

“Just like children imitate their parents, Jesus imitated His Father,” says Holly, 12. “We are the children of God. We can be loving, patient, caring and compassionate and have the love of God in our hearts.” No one has ever lived a more balanced life than the Lord Jesus. His love and righteousness balanced each […]

Fathers Gospel of John Series Guidance Obedience Salvation Will of God Work of God

What Does It Mean To Be Born Again?

“Well, being born again doesn’t mean to go back into your mother’s stomach,” says Taylor, 11. “It means being born into the family of God.” Unlike Taylor, the religious leader (Nicodemus) who came by night to talk with Jesus missed the point entirely. Jesus spoke of being born again spiritually. Nicodemus thought Jesus spoke of […]

Born Again Eternal Life Fruit of the Spirit Gospel Gospel of John Series Heaven Holy Spirit Indwelling Salvation

Why Does God Let Us Sin?

Why does God let us sin? Read how some children responded and what the Bible teaches us about our freedom to make our own choices. (I Corinthians 15:22; Matthew 23:37)

Adam & Eve Freedom Love Right & Wrong Salvation Sin

What Does God Do?

What does God do? Read how some children responded and what the Bible teaches us about God's job description.

Creation Heaven Provision Salvation

Why Does God Let Us Choose Between Spiritual Life and Spiritual Death?

Why does God let us choose between spiritual life and spiritual death? Read how some children responded and what the Bible teaches us about our choice between heaven and hell. (John 14:6; II Peter 3:9)

Heaven Salvation Spiritual Death Spiritual Life

What is the Lesson of Noah and the Ark?

What is the lesson of Noah and the ark? Read how some children responded and what the Bible teaches us about obedience, peer pressure, God's judgment and salvation. (I Peter 3:21-22; Matthew 24:44; Colossians 3:23; Genesis 6)

Judgment Noah Obedience Peer Pressure Salvation

Why Did Jesus Pay Taxes with a Coin from the Mouth of a Fish?

Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught. This is a story of a fish everyone would like to catch, but there’s more to it than paying a tax bill. When Jesus called Peter to be his disciple, Peter was busy fishing with his brother Andrew. “Follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make […]

Money Rights Salvation Taxes

What Would It Be Like If Adam and Eve Hadn’t Eaten the Forbidden Fruit?

What would it be like if Adam and Eve hadn't eaten the forbidden fruit? Read how some children responded and what the Bible teaches us about sin and hiding from God vs. obedience, worship and salvation. (II Corinthians 5:21, Ezekiel 44:18, Psalm 23)

Adam & Eve Hiding Obedience Righteousness Salvation Sin Worship

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