Kids Talk About God

Why Do Bad Things Happen To People?

“God allows bad things so we can be different,” says Matthew, age 9. Matthew, aren’t there better ways of being different? “Some of the people are bad, and some are good,” says Grant, 8. Bad stuff happens to good and bad people, but an extraordinary amount of bad comes to those who reap the consequences […]

Adversity Affliction Evil Joseph Purpose Salvation Sin Suffering Tribulation

How Do You Keep Going When Things Get Tough?

How do you keep going when things get tough? Read how some children responded and what the Bible teaches us about perseverance and God's purposes.

Adversity Affliction Faith Perseverance Purpose

Why Did God Make Us?

Why did God make us? Read how some children responded and what the Bible teaches us about the purpose for our existence.

Adam & Eve Glorifying God Pleasure Purpose

What Does it Mean to Worship God? (Part 3)

“We all get so involved in our silly little lives that we have made for ourselves to where we don’t have the time to do anything for God,” says Travis, age 12. Worship is the way we see God’s larger purpose for us. A life of worship usually doesn’t make media headlines, but even the […]

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