Kids Talk About God

What Does It Mean To Be Spiritually Blind (John 9:24-41)?

“Being spiritually blind doesn’t mean that you can’t see,” says Sophia, 10. “It means that you don’t believe in God.” When Jesus gave sight to a man born blind, it started a debate among Jerusalem’s religious establishment. After cross-examining the healed man and his parents, religious leaders couldn’t deny the miracle. Because Jesus healed the […]

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How Can Religious Rules Keep Us From Knowing God (John 9:13-23)?

“You might be a redneck if the dog catcher calls for a backup unit when visiting your house,” said Jeff Foxworthy. You might be a legalist if you think keeping religious rules will secure your eternal destiny in God’s kingdom. Most people don’t think of Jesus as a rebel, but he was when it came […]

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What Can We Learn From Jesus Healing A Nobleman’s Son? (John 4:46-54)

“This story is a good reminder that God has no limits,” says Talia, 12. “The nobleman’s son was far away, but God is not limited by human constraints and healed the boy. God can do what he wants to and nothing is impossible with him.” In his Dirty Harry film entitled “Magnum Force,” actor Clint […]

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Why Did Jesus Say, “I Am The Bread Of Life” (John 6:30-40)? (Part 2 of 2)

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside,” quipped Mark Twain. So much about our lives revolves around food. This column examines one of Jesus’ most famous metaphors, “I am the bread of life,” (John 6:35). “Jesus meant when you’re hungry, […]

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What Can We Learn From Jesus Walking On The Water (John 6:16-21)?

“When I am scared or don’t know what to do. I ask Jesus to give me power to not be afraid,” says Kaleb, 7. Kaleb, this is a great place to start. When you’re afraid or confused, admit it. Go to the Lord and ask him to give you clarity and peace. Notice what Jesus […]

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What Can We Learn From Jesus Feeding 5,000 People (John 6:1-15)?

“A boy gave Jesus five bread and two fish. I’ll give him 50 muffins a day,” says Caden, 5. Somebody likes muffins. “The people were surprised when they saw two fish and five loaves feed all of them,” says Alejandro, 7. Surprised is a gross understatement. They were impressed. They wanted to seize Jesus and […]

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What Can We Learn From Jesus Turning Water Into Wine?

“We can learn that you shouldn’t rush Jesus, but put your faith in him,” says Taylor, 11. Also, we can learn that sometimes a good deed goes unnoticed, and that’s OK.” In the ancient Middle East, wedding celebrations could last for days. To run out of wine would be an embarrassment that might last a […]

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How Do We Know That Jesus Is The Messiah?

I asked this question to children as part of the Children’s International Arts Festival at Alexandria Dubinin, 12, wrote a wonderful essay that won her family of six a dude ranch vacation at Stagecoach Trails Guest Ranch in Yucca, Arizona. Here is her winning essay: “Jesus gave us many signs to prove that we […]

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Why Does God Perform Miracles?

Why does God perform miracles? Read how some children responded and what the Bible teaches us about the love and power of God and His greatest miracle. (Romans 5:8; Matthew 11:23; Acts 3:8)

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