Kids Talk About God

Why Did Jesus Say, “I Am The Resurrection And The Life” (John 11:17-27)?

“Jesus gave life to humans to eat plants and meat to keep the circle of life in balance,” says Alexa 9. The “Circle of Life” makes for a catchy song in “The Lion King,” but the idea that death in and of itself is no big deal is ridiculous. Is there really hope in the […]

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What is the Last Supper?

[:en]What is the Last Supper? Read how some children responded and what the Bible teaches us about the meaning of the Last Supper. (Revelation 19:9; Matthew 26:29)[:es]¿Qué es la Última Cena? Lea cómo respondieron algunos niños y qué nos enseña la Biblia sobre el significado de la Última Cena. (Apocalipsis 19: 9; Mateo 26:29).[:]

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