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How Do I Know If I’m Doing What God Wants Me To Do?

“If you’re doing the right thing, “you’ll like it and it’ll be for you to do,” says Victoria, 8. Lots of people today would agree. They say, “If it feels good, do it.” What if a bank robber has fun stealing money? Does that make it right? “If nothing bad happens to you then you […]

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How Does God The Father Bring People To Jesus (John 6:41-59)? (Part 2 of 2)

“The Bible is like a magnet and the people are attracted to it,” says Angel, 12. “We all have a choice to stay in the darkness or be saved and go to the light.” Wherever you find the Bible widely read and taught in a society, you find freedom. Most people don’t realize that the […]

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What Does It Mean To Be Born Again?

“Well, being born again doesn’t mean to go back into your mother’s stomach,” says Taylor, 11. “It means being born into the family of God.” Unlike Taylor, the religious leader (Nicodemus) who came by night to talk with Jesus missed the point entirely. Jesus spoke of being born again spiritually. Nicodemus thought Jesus spoke of […]

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What Is The Difference Between Being Baptized In Water And Being Baptized In The Holy Spirit?

“The water does not do anything except get you wet,” says Matt, 8. “When you get baptized in the Holy Spirit, you get cleansed by God, and he will come into our hearts. Getting baptized means you’re telling the whole world that God has come into your heart.” On the baptism of the Holy Spirit, […]

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