Kids Talk About God

With So Many Religions, How Can Jesus Be The Only Way To Heaven?

“Jesus is the only way to heaven because he is the only Messiah and the only true king,” says Claribel, 10. At the time of Jesus’ birth, Caesar Augustus ruled the Roman world. He was considered divine during his lifetime and was called the Son of God. Before Rome ruled the world, a Greek named […]

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Why Did Jesus Say, “I Am The Resurrection And The Life” (John 11:17-27)?

“Jesus gave life to humans to eat plants and meat to keep the circle of life in balance,” says Alexa 9. The “Circle of Life” makes for a catchy song in “The Lion King,” but the idea that death in and of itself is no big deal is ridiculous. Is there really hope in the […]

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What Kind Of People Will Enter God’s Kingdom?

“Not everyone who says to me, `Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father in heaven,” said Jesus (Matthew 7:21). “I think it means that whoever says something real fast and doesn’t mean it will not enter,” says Danielle, 9. If the speed of one’s speech […]

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What Will You Do When You See God? (Part 2)

“When I see God, he’ll make a rainbow for me,” says Ally, 5. “He’s gonna show me how to make one. He’s gonna sit down in the grass and eat an apple with me.” Ally’s answer is more than cute. It could be insightful as well. Who knows the entire capabilities of a resurrected body […]

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What Will God Do When He Sees You In Heaven?

“Smile at me,” says Sofia, 5. I wonder how many of us can imagine God smiling at all? To imagine God smiling requires that little five-letter word called “grace.” Most of us know instinctively that we fall far short of the kind of righteousness needed to cause God to smile. When we think of our […]

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What Will Jesus Do When He Returns To Earth From Heaven?

“He will mend the broken and create a new Heaven and a new Earth,” says Colin, 12. “He will raise the dead from the grave and will take all those who believe in him to eternal paradise.” In case you haven’t noticed, this world and the people in it are broken. As the nursery rhyme […]

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Why Does God Want Us To Be With Him In Heaven?

“He loves us and cares about us,” says Karymeh, 7. “He made us and wants to talk to us. He wants to see us and play and have fun.” When you love someone, you want to be around them. You want to talk, play and have some fun. For some, it’s difficult to imagine the […]

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How Do You Know If You’re Going To Heaven?

“My grandma thinks I’m going to heaven,” says Kole, 6. Why is it that most grandchildren can’t get enough of their grandparents? Most grandparents are smart enough to just love on their grandkids. They leave the hard stuff like correction and discipline for the parents. Kids instinctively sense when someone loves them. They know their […]

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What Does It Mean To Be Born Again?

“Well, being born again doesn’t mean to go back into your mother’s stomach,” says Taylor, 11. “It means being born into the family of God.” Unlike Taylor, the religious leader (Nicodemus) who came by night to talk with Jesus missed the point entirely. Jesus spoke of being born again spiritually. Nicodemus thought Jesus spoke of […]

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What Will You Do Your First Day in Heaven?

What will you do your first day in heaven? Read how some children responded and what the Bible teaches us about fame on earth vs. rewards in heaven. (Hebrews 11; Revelation 19:6-9)

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