Kids Talk About God

Why Do Some Christians Stop Following Jesus (John 6:60-71)?

”Maybe the things Jesus asks people to do are so hard that they do not want to do it,” says Maggie, 11. “It’s easier to quit.” Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is difficult because one is usually swimming upstream against the current of this world. Becoming a Christian is as easy as reaching out […]

Cross Discipleship Gospel of John Series Self-Centeredness

How Does God The Father Bring People To Jesus? (Part 2 of 2)

”The Bible is like a magnet and the people are attracted to it,” says Angel, 12. “We all have a choice to stay in the darkness or be saved and go to the light.” Wherever you find the Bible widely read and taught in a society, you find freedom. Most people don’t realize that the […]

Belief Drawing to Jesus Freedom Gospel of John Series Holy Spirit Liberty Missionaries

How Does God The Father Bring People To Jesus (John 6:41-59)? (Part 1 of 2)

”God puts people into our lives who lead us to Jesus,” says Maggie, 11. “They may show his love by hugging, helping them out, telling them that God loves them, and being kind to them.” It’s humbling to consider that God can use any Christian to usher someone into God’s eternal kingdom. The Apostle Paul […]

Creation Drawing to Jesus Gospel of John Series Love

Why Did Jesus Say, “I Am The Bread Of Life” (John 6:30-40)? (Part 2 of 2)

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside,” quipped Mark Twain. So much about our lives revolves around food. This column examines one of Jesus’ most famous metaphors, “I am the bread of life,” (John 6:35). “Jesus meant when you’re hungry, […]

Bread of Life Feeding of the 5000 Gospel of John Series Miracles Water of Life

What Kind Of Works Please God (John 6:22-29)?

”God is pleased with works that bring other people to Him,” says Maggie, 11. This is exactly what Jesus did when he multiplied a boy’s lunch to miraculously feed 5,000 people. Jesus became instantly popular with the people who ate their fill of bread and fish. The next day when some caught up with Jesus, […]

Fruit of the Spirit Gospel of John Series Work of God

What Can We Learn From Jesus Walking On The Water (John 6:16-21)?

”When I am scared or don’t know what to do. I ask Jesus to give me power to not be afraid,” says Kaleb, 7. Kaleb, this is a great place to start. When you’re afraid or confused, admit it. Go to the Lord and ask him to give you clarity and peace. Notice what Jesus […]

Courage Fear Gospel of John Series Miracles Peace Walking on Water

What Can We Learn From Jesus Feeding 5,000 People (John 6:1-15)?

”A boy gave Jesus five bread and two fish. I’ll give him 50 muffins a day,” says Caden, 5. Somebody likes muffins. “The people were surprised when they saw two fish and five loaves feed all of them,” says Alejandro, 7. Surprised is a gross understatement. They were impressed. They wanted to seize Jesus and […]

Feeding of the 5 Gospel of John Series Miracles Temptation Testing Trust

How Do We Know That Jesus Is The Son Of God (John 5:31-40)?

”God sent Jesus to Mary’s tummy on Christmas,” says Kassandra, 6. What a difference a couple of words can make. Instead of “to,” try “out of” Mary’s tummy on Christmas. “Mary had him, and he was glowing in the stable,” says Ella, 6. The angel that appeared to the shepherds in the field glowed because […]

Christmas (Nativity) Gospel of John Series Messiah Prophecy Son of God

How Can You Be Sure You Will Live With Jesus Forever (John 5:24-30)?

”Jesus is on top of my ship. We are going to go to heaven,” says John, 5. Yes, Jesus is the captain of our salvation. Apart from him, we are ships in a storm headed for the rocks. A famous Spanish captain searched for the Fountain of Youth in Florida. Ponce de Leon never found […]

Assurance Belief Born Again Eternal Life Faith Gospel of John Series Salvation

What Can We Learn From Jesus Doing Only What He Saw His Father Doing (John 5:19-23)?

”Just like children imitate their parents, Jesus imitated His Father,” says Holly, 12. “We are the children of God. We can be loving, patient, caring and compassionate and have the love of God in our hearts.” No one has ever lived a more balanced life than the Lord Jesus. His love and righteousness balanced each […]

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