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How Has Jesus Been A Good Shepherd In Your Life (John 10:11-21)?

“I am the good shepherd,” said Jesus. “The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep,” (John 10:11). The world is full of leaders and gurus who promise peace and prosperity. If we pay a fee to take their course or vote for them in the next election, all our problems will disappear. In the […]

Anger Good Shepherd Gospel of John Series

How Is Jesus Like A Door (John 10:1-10)? (Part 2 of 2)

Who could forget that moment in the movie National Treasure when Benjamin Franklin Gates discovers the huge stockpile of precious metals, jewelry, artwork and artifacts dating back to the American Revolutionary War? Discovering the hidden door to untold riches is everyone’s dream. When I was climbing a mountain in the Arizona desert, I discovered what […]

Good Shepherd Gospel of John Series Sheep Shepherd

How Is Jesus Like A Door (John 10:1-10)? (Part 1 of 2)

“Jesus opens the door to heaven for believers,” says Zachary, 8. “Hell is not a place you want to go.” The President will probably never call Zachary to serve as a diplomat to the United Nations. His bluntness would offend too many people. I’m reminded of the door in the back of the closet in […]

Good Shepherd Gospel of John Series

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