Kids Talk About God

What Is God’s Favorite Food?

In a poll of several hundred experts, angel food cake was voted the preferred cuisine of heaven. Angel hair pasta came in second. But Angel Food Ice Cream kept showing up as a favorite from kids in Memphis, Tennessee. Is this some new flavor? When I discovered there’s an ice cream brand in Memphis by […]

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What Will You Do When You See God? (Part 2)

“When I see God, he’ll make a rainbow for me,” says Ally, 5. “He’s gonna show me how to make one. He’s gonna sit down in the grass and eat an apple with me.” Ally’s answer is more than cute. It could be insightful as well. Who knows the entire capabilities of a resurrected body […]

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How Was Doing The Will Of God Like Food To Jesus?

“We get bigger by eating healthy stuff and obeying God’s word helps us grow,” says Marina, 5. Serious athletes know that disciplined eating will enhance their performance on the field. Serious Christians know that they must feed on the Bible to win spiritual battles. When God’s word is embedded in your mind through memorization, you’re […]

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Do We Have to Always Be Content?

Do we have to always be content? Read how some children responded and what the Bible teaches us about being content with godly things while being intolerant of evil. (Matthew 21:12)

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