Kids Talk About God

Why Did Peter Deny Jesus Three Times?

You’re sitting at home reading the newspaper when your door flies off its hinges with a bang so loud you jump out of your chair. “Hands up, and don’t move,” shouts the first officer of a SWAT team as he shoves a cocked .357 magnum in your face. “You have the right to remain silent,” […]

Cross Disciples Faithfulness Peter Sheep

Why Do Some Christians Stop Following Jesus (John 6:60-71)?

“Maybe the things Jesus asks people to do are so hard that they do not want to do it,” says Maggie, 11. “It’s easier to quit.” Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is difficult because one is usually swimming upstream against the current of this world. Becoming a Christian is as easy as reaching out […]

Cross Discipleship Gospel of John Series Self-Centeredness

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