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2008-09 Children's International Arts Festival Winner: Daniel Carr

At the age of 12, Daniel won a week for his family at Rainbow Trout Ranch in Antonito, Colorado.

The local TV news reported on Daniel’s big win!

Here’s a taste of all the fun Daniel had during his week at the ranch!

Festival Question: Why did John the Baptist call Jesus the Lamb of God? (John 1:24-31)                    

Artwork by Daniel Carr: The Lamb of God

Festival Question: Why did John the Baptist say he was a voice crying in the wilderness? (John 1:19-23)                  

Artwork by Daniel Carr: A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Festival Question: What is the difference between being baptized in water and being baptized in the Holy Spirit? (John 1:32-24)

Artwork by Daniel Carr: Jesus is Baptized
Tampa Tribune article, part 1
Tampa Tribune article, part 2
Daniel's thank you art
Daniel's thank you note

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