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Hi Friends,

Want to know how you can help get some good news in your local newspaper? I’m Carey Kinsolving and I write a family-friendly, Bible-oriented, syndicated column called “Kids Talk About God.” 

Sample some of my past columns and see what you think. If you’d like to see this column in your local newspaper, you can help this happen by contacting the editor. You should be able to find the editor’s name and email on the newspaper’s website or the newspaper itself. If not, give your local newspaper a call. 

Below is suggested language for the email to send to editors. You can add your own remarks about why you would like to see the column in this newspaper, and sign your own name to it.

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Carey Kinsolving started writing this column in 2000 because he discovered kids are loaded with humor, insight, inspiration and honesty. They ask all the big questions about God that many adults think but won’t ask. Of course, kids have answers as well, which makes for an interesting and inspirational read. 

Here are some points from Carey’s website on what he thinks “Kids Talk About God” will do for your readers:

Increase readership by giving children a voice in your newspaper;
Entertain and inspire readers;
Get families reading the newspaper together;
Feed parents' hunger to impart spiritual values to their children;
Provide a free, online resource for families by using the KTAG website address as the header for the column.

Dear Editor,

Carey Kinsolving writes a weekly, syndicated column called “Kids Talk About God.”

Carey is giving away his column free of charge for newspaper readers. If you would like to run the column, he can send it to you weekly at no charge. 

When you sign up below for the free subscription, Carey will send you a header for the column and his photo. The column is emailed each Monday for publication that week. Use the form below to sign up for the free, weekly “Kids Talk About God” column. After you sign up, be sure to check your inbox for a confirmation message. Once you click the link in that message, you are officially on the list, and your first free column will arrive the following Monday morning!


KTAG Newspaper Column Giveaway

If you want to talk with Carey, please use our Contact form to send a message.

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P.S. For information about Carey Kinsolving’s background, please click HERE.

NewspaperColumn Reviews


“Kids Talk About God has been an enlightening addition to our lifestyles page on a weekly basis for quite some time now. Not only have we had a consistent following of readership due, in part, to that section, but I believe the articles in themselves help children of today build a better relationship and understanding of God. Great words, great articles! Keep it up!”

Steven Ray Hernandez
Editor, San Benito News


“Often times, newspaper Church pages can become formulaic. Considering this, and seeking a means to engage our local readership in this once-popular feature, Carey Kinsolving’s Kids Talk About God weekly offering was the first on my list of columns that could breathe life back into the Mid-Valley Town Crier Church page. Now redesigned as a Faith page, Carey’s pieces offer all the color and charm necessary to complete such a task, and the positive feedback from our readers has proven as much.”

Michael Rodriguez
Editor, Mid-Valley Town Crier


“In the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, a number of publications are running the column. We have had several local readers comment to us on how much they like the column and read it faithfully. It starts productive conversations as friends and relatives discuss the topic of the latest column. Some have even said they make it a point to clip it out and share it with others.”

Carey Kinsolving
Writer, Kids Talk About God


Brent Addleman ran the column while in his previous position at the Glen Rose Reporter. When he took a new position as editor at the Brownwood Bulletin, he started running the column there as well. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“Carey Kinsolving’s weekly Kids Talk About God column was received very well by the Somervell County community, a community rich in religious values. The column provided insight and lessons from the creative minds of children as they understood and interpreted the Bible. Carey’s ability to illustrate concisely the children’s views of Bible stories, and lessons learned, was one of the most well-received columns in the paper.”

Brent Addleman
Editor, Brownwood Bulletin


Dear Editor,

I just wanted to share some comments with you about the column, “Kids Talk About God”, by Carey Kinsolving. When I first saw this article appear in the Port Isabel-South Padre Press paper, I was attracted by the catchy title. Then I read it and my immediate impression was, that so much can be seen through the eyes of children. The simplicity of children goes right to the heart of the message. The way the article is written provides that simplicity and then adds further input at an adult level with biblical reference. On occasion, I have cut out the article and shared it with my daughter. I noticed too that she saved it rather than discarded it.

At other times, I have read useful information that was beneficial in the preparation of a children’s sermon at my church. I noticed when giving a children’s sermon, that it also touches the hearts of the adults who are listening. I believe this is the same impact this article has.

The world is full of negative information, which is always covered in the newspaper. It is so heartwarming to see positive information in our local paper that focuses on the messages that we all need to hear from God’s Word. The message of faith, hope, and love.

I sure hope you will continue to publish “Kids Talk About God”. It nourishes the soul.

Thank you,

Ellen Snyder
Port Isabel, Texas