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Chapter 29 cover: Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord!

Psalm 148:1-13

1 Praise the Lord!

Angels above, praise the Lord from heaven!

2 Praise him, all you angels!

Praise him, all his armya!

3 Sun and moon, praise him!

Stars and lights in the sky, praise him!

4 Praise the Lord, highest heaven!

Waters above the sky, praise him!

5 Let them praise the Lord’s name,

because he gave the command and created them all!

6 He made all these continue forever.

He made the laws that will never end.

7 Everything on earth, praise him!

Great sea animals and all the oceans, praise the Lord!

8 Praise him, fire and hail, snow and clouds,

and the stormy winds that obey him.

9 Praise him, mountains and hills,

fruit trees and cedar trees.

10 Praise him, wild animals and cattle, reptiles and birds.

11 Praise him, kings of the earth and all nations,

princes and all rulers on earth.

12 Praise him, young men and women,

old people and children.

13 Praise the Lord’s name!

Honor his name forever!

His name is greater than any other.

He is more glorious than heaven and earth.


a 148:2 his army This can mean “angels,” “stars and planets,” or “soldiers in an army.”
What is God’s favorite song?

“God doesn’t like any particular song. He loves them ALL!” Michael, 12

“God likes every song that praises him.” Amanda, 11

“God likes songs that lift up his name in a good way.” Allison, 12

“God’s favorite song is the Hallelujah Chorus because hallelujah means praise to God.” Rachel, 10

If Amanda is right about God loving every song that praises him, then God must really love Psalm 148. This psalm, which is really a song, says “Praise the Lord” or “Praise him” 18 times. There are lots of praise psalms that were used as songs during worship in Bible times.

Over and over again the Psalms tell us that we should “sing praises to the Lord” and “sing to the Lord.” If we truly do as the Psalms say, God will be pleased with all the songs we sing.

The songwriter of Psalm 148 urges stars, lightning, mountains and even delicate snowflakes to praise the Lord because God made all of them. When you consider the greatness of God, you’ve got to praise the Lord. It’s like all of nature is singing the praises of God.

When Jesus entered Jerusalem riding a donkey, his disciples praised him saying, “God bless the king who comes in the name of the Lord.” (Luke 19:38). The religious leaders who heard this asked Jesus to tell his disciples to stop saying this. Jesus told them that if his disciples didn’t praise him, “these stones would shout” (Luke 19:40). You can’t stop people who know the Lord from praising him.

“His loyal followers praise him” (Psalm 148:14). Hey, if you’re one of God’s people, this is you! Start writing your songs of praise to God today.

Think About This: For those who love God, praising him is as natural as breathing.

Memorize This Truth: “Praise the Lord’s name! Honor his name forever! His name is greater than any other. He is more glorious than heaven and earth” (Psalm 148:13).

Do you know that God is greater than anything on earth or in heaven?
Do you ever want to praise God because he is so great?
What are some things for which you should praise God?
What are some ways you can praise God?
Draw a picture to go with the headline.
Chapter 29: Bible coloring page: praise the Lord

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