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Chapter 28 cover: Jesus Walks on Water

Jesus Walks on Water

John 6:16-21

Jesus Walks on Water

16That evening Jesus’ followers went down to the lake. 17It was dark now, and Jesus had not yet come back to them. They got into a boat and started going across the lake to Capernaum. 18The wind was blowing very hard. The waves on the lake were becoming bigger. 19They rowed the boat about three or four miles.a Then they saw Jesus. He was walking on the water, coming to the boat. They were afraid. 20But he said to them, “Don’t be afraid. It’s me.” 21When he said this, they were glad to take him into the boat. And then the boat reached the shore at the place they wanted to go. 


a three or four miles Literally, “25 or 30 stadia,” about 5 or 6 km.
Kids Color Me Bible Gospel of John – Chapter 28 – Jesus Walks on Water
What can we learn from Jesus walking on the water?
Kids Color Me Bible Gospel of John – Chapter 28 – Jesus Walks on Water

“When I am scared or don’t know what to do. I ask Jesus to give me power to not be afraid.” Kaleb, 7

“In our life, we need to focus on Jesus so we don’t sink.” Joseph, 7

“We can learn that the ocean respects Jesus.” Robert, 6

“He walked on the water. He helped the guy. Thank you, God, for making cars so we can travel.” Aedyn, 5

“He is holy and can do miracles. You should worship Him. The disciples did not know yet, but they are going to know later in the Bible. He is with me.” Ivan, 8

Kids Color Me Bible Gospel of John – Chapter 28 – Jesus Walks on Water
Kids Color Me Bible Gospel of John – Chapter 28 – Jesus Walks on Water
Carey Kinsolving Comments

When Jesus fed 5,000 men from a boy’s lunch, he taught his disciples a lesson that he can supply all their needs. Sometimes God allows a test to follow a lesson. The storm on the Sea of Galilee was a test of faith for Jesus’ disciples.

The Lord is our shepherd. He can lead us into green fields (feeding of the 5,000), but he can also guide us to calm waters (crossing the Sea of Galilee). After Jesus got into the boat, the sea became calm (Mark 6:51).

“He gives me green pastures to lie in. He leads me by calm pools of water” (Psalm 23:2).

The disciples were afraid when they saw Jesus walking on the water. When you’re afraid or confused, admit it. Go to the Lord and ask him to give you clear thinking and peace of mind. Look what Jesus said to his disciples when they saw him walking on the water: “Don’t be afraid. It’s me,” (John 6:20).

The only way to not let fear control you is to trust in the one who has control over every circumstance. Jesus is the one who told his disciples to get into the boat to cross the Sea of Galilee. He wasn’t going to let them die during that trip.

If Jesus can walk on water in the midst of a storm, he can walk with you when you face big problems. This doesn’t mean that Jesus will always remove your problems. It does mean that when you see Jesus in the storms of life, he will bring you peace. When faith replaces fear, you will enjoy God’s peace.

When you face a big problem, ask yourself this question: Is my problem bigger than God?

No problem is bigger than God.

When the Apostle Peter looked at the waves of the sea instead of looking at Jesus, he began to sink. It’s easy to say that Peter should have kept looking at Jesus. However, Peter was the only disciple who got out of the boat to walk on the water with Jesus (Matthew 14:28-33). No other disciple asked Jesus if they could come out of the boat onto the water.

Everyone knows that walking on water is impossible. That is what makes walking on water with Jesus so exciting. Jesus makes the impossible possible.

The Apostle Paul wrote: “Christ is the one who gives me the strength I need to do whatever I must do,” (Philippians 4:13).

To walk on water with Jesus requires enough brains and courage to ask the Lord if that is what he wants you to do. Peter asked, “Lord, if that is really you, tell me to come to you on the water,” (Matthew 14:28).

Walking on water with Jesus is not for the new, shy or lazy Christian. Yes, there are lazy Christians who will never enjoy the excitement of walking on water or facing big problems without being afraid. Lazy Christians have trusted the Lord Jesus as their savior, but they don’t trust him as their king to face big problems.

If you see the Lord working through a believer doing the impossible, rejoice. Understand that this kind of faith is the kind that grows slowly. Before you ask the Lord if you can step out of the boat, you will have to walk many miles with Jesus on land. The lessons you learn on land will prepare you for doing impossible things like walking on water.

Think about this: If you learn to trust Jesus for the small things in life, your faith will grow so you can face big things in life without fear. Faith in Jesus will replace fear of big problems.

Memorize this truth: “Don’t worry—I am with you. Don’t be afraid—I am your God. I will make you strong and help you. I will support you with my right hand that brings victory,” (Isaiah 41:10).

Ask this question: Are you walking with Jesus on land today so that you can walk with him on water later?

Kids Color Me Bible Gospel of John – Chapter 28 – Jesus Walks on Water
Chapter 28 Bible coloring page: Jesus Walks on Water