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2008-09 Children's International Arts Festival Winner: Alyssa Andres

A student at North Cariboo Christian Academy in British Columbia, Canada, 9-year-old Alyssa Andres is the winner in the 2008-09 Children’s International Arts Festival! Alyssa won a week-long vacation at Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch in Colorado for herself and her family. She won this by answering a question about the Bible through her writing and artwork.

Watch the video on the left to see what happened when she was at school and found out that she’d won. The video on the right shows you all the adventures she had at the ranch.

The Quesnel Advisor announced Alyssa's big win
Nine-year-old Alyssa Andres holds up the artwork that won her a week at Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch in Colorado.
The Quesnel Cariboo Observer had a beautiful write-up about Alyssa's winning dude ranch trip at Bar Lazy J.

Winning Art and Writing by Alyssa Andres, 9:

Festival Question: When is it good to get angry? (John 2:12-17)

Artist Alyssa Andres, 9, of Quesnel, BC won a vacation for her family at the Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch in Parshall, Colorado. Her artwork of Jesus driving the money changers out of the temple will be published in the “Kids Color Me Bible Gospel of John” at

Alyssa's winning art: Driving the Moneychangers Out of the Temple


BC Girl, 9, Draws Two Pictures of Jesus To Win Dude Ranch Family Vacation

Quesnel, BC, April 16, 2009 – When 9-year-old Alyssa Andres asked her dad if she could get a horse, he told her that they needed a bigger place. Her next question was, “When are we moving?”

For one week this summer, Andres will have her bigger place to ride horses. Through the art she drew for the Children’s International Arts Festival, she has won a week of riding for her entire family at the Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch in Parshall, Colorado ( The Andres family will enjoy majestic vistas from horseback at 7,500 to 8,500 feet in a lush valley along the Colorado River near its headwaters about 100 winding miles northwest of Denver.

Andres learned of her vacation prize when reporters entered her classroom to observe her response to the surprise phone call from Bar Lazy J owner Jerry Helmicki and festival organizer Carey Kinsolving. Helmicki told Andres she would be riding a bay horse named Banner for the entire week. A little overwhelmed by all the excitement, Andres managed to say, “That’s cool!” That phone call along with her winning art can be heard and viewed at

When asked why his daughter entered the festival, Gene Andres said: “Alyssa loves Jesus, and she loves to read her Bible. Art is her favorite class in school, and she loves horses. This contest brought all these loves together and made it especially appealing to her.”

Children’s International Arts Festival organizer and syndicated columnist Carey Kinsolving selected Alyssa’s winning art to publish in the online, storybook Bible he plans to write and publish on his website, “Alyssa’s artwork of Jesus driving the moneychangers out of the temple is outstanding as well as her art depicting Jesus’ perceptive powers of our motives,” said Kinsolving. “I can’t wait to publish both pieces in the ‘Kids Color Me Bible Gospel of John.’”

Kinsolving says the good news for all Canadian children is that they can write and draw to win dude ranch family vacations for the summer of 2010. The online festival is ongoing until further notice. Kinsolving says he plans to start announcing 2010 winners this fall. He is in the process of signing new agreements with dude ranch owners. There is no entry fee, and all the festival information is available at

The Children’s International Arts Festival is sponsored by and participating dude ranches. Festival organizer Carey Kinsolving writes a weekly Kids Talk About God column, distributed through Creators Syndicate, and has produced a series of popular TV spots for an ABC affiliate that can be seen on the Kids Talk About God website.